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More training needed to fill New York's 'middle skill jobs.'
But less attention is paid to the workers in the middle – those who have some education or training beyond high school but have not earned a four-year college degree.
The New York City 40 Under 40.
Jamison Dague-As a research associate and director of infrastructure studies at the Citizens Budget Commission, he covers agencies with big capital infrastructure budgets, such as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
Renewed focus on State Dream Act in the wake of Trump's DACA announcement.
With the president shifting the responsibility to Congress to replace the program in the next six months and uncertainty about whether there will be enough votes in Washington, some state lawmakers says it's critical New York do what it can on its own for these young immigrants. 

How technology and the environment impact New York's infrastructural development. 
 My advocacy for the preservation of these properties within the core areas of the central Pine Barrens region is based upon merit, not because it’s in my immediate neighborhood. These are properties I’ve been aware of for many years and we’re pleased that we are now completing the boundaries of the Pine Barrens preservation area.

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Career tips for the class of 2016. 
Natalia Guarin-Klein, director of Brooklyn College’s Magner Center, which provides career counseling and other services, told ConsumerMojo, “Students should have landed their job before graduation. Students should be actively looking and applying for jobs one year before graduation and be aware of application deadlines.”
My fellow Caribbean-Americans &New Immigrants. 
Yet immigration attorney Brian Figeroux who works with new immigrants in Brooklyn, thinks we should slow down the rush to judgment and accept refugees. “We will always have differences of opinion, but what we want is a standard and that standard is humanitarian.”

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Nightingales for Trinidad & Tobago.
Their ultimate goal in America and the twin-island republic is to build professionals who will impact the world and future nurses.
Life in Jamaica less than Irie. 
Another source of income for youths is selling marijuana, also known as ganja. Though it is illegal, it's at an all-time high. Not only are they selling the herb, but some youths are using it for their own purpose.

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Port Authority unveils big capital plans.
Members of Port Authority’s committee on capital planning unveiled on Tuesday a 10-year  capital spending plan totaling $27.6 billion that would mainly be used to maintain and improve transportation.
Lower bail denied to accused identity thief.
Iesha Jackson of the Bronx who worked as a cashier at the Midtown restaurant was indicted on April 30 along with 10 other employees by the Manhattan DA’s office. Handcuffed, with a vibrant red hair and a vertical tattoo on the right side of her neck, Jackson entered the court room of Judge Renee White to hear the ruling. 
Deblasio Picks four members of His team.
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced the appointment of three heads of department and the reappointment of a director from the Bloomberg administration, all in areas of finance and construction.
On one block in Brownsville, three churches offer refuge.
“People see churches as a refuge both spiritually and physically. They serve as homeless shelters, host soup kitchens and they even take in undocumented immigrants, and politicians use them as platforms to get votes,” said Ken Estey, an assistant professor of political science at Brooklyn College and an expert on religion in Brooklyn.