Okay Africa

 April 2018-Present

What it means to be an African migrant deported from Israel.

     An Eritrean asylum seeker tells us about life after deportation from Israel and what he'd wished he'd done instead.

    Meles Ghirmay remembers every moment leading up to his deportation from Israel.

    "I was hopeful and thinking that they would give me a visa," the Eritrean asylum seeker says softly over the phone from Kampala, Uganda.

The Crime Report

March 2018-Present

PTSD: 'The Dirty Little Secret of Law Enforcement.'

     “When I became a cop in 1985, we were told nothing should bother you, just keep it moving,” Dibona recalled in an interview with The Crime Report.

     “Cops don’t like to show their emotions.”

But when he finally mustered enough strength to approach his supervisor, he received no help.

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